Terms of return and exchange

Description of exchange and return conditions for jewelry purchased at magnatdiamonds.com and magnatfinejewelry.com online store. We approach the creation and production of products with all responsibility and are sure that you will like the jewelry you purchased in our store. But we also understand that when buying products, all factors may not be taken into account and the decoration may not be suitable for a number of reasons. Please note that according to the laws of the UAE and international legal norms, jewelry is included in the list of goods that are not subject to return and exchange.


Unfortunately, in accordance with UAE and international law, jewelry is non-refundable. You can exchange the product by fulfilling the terms of exchange in the magnatdiamonds.com and magnatfinejewelry.com online store.


The exchange of jewelry in the magnatdiamonds.com and magnatfinejewelry.com online store is possible only in case of a factory defect that was discovered within 14 calendar days from the moment of sale of the product.

Four typical factory defects:

1. surface defects: pores, burrs, uneven coating. When trying on jewelry, it is not always possible to notice small flaws, especially in dim lighting;

2. problems with fasteners: loosening or, conversely, jamming;

3. fastening of the insert: not reliable pressing of the stone, different shade of the frame, violation of the symmetry of the location. If the last two options affect the aesthetics of the decoration, then the first - on its integrity;

4. the test on the gold ring / chain does not correspond to the actual test.

Claims regarding the purchased goods are accepted in writing by the sales consultants of the magnatdiamonds.com online store. You indicate your surname, first name, patronymic, place of residence, order number, the essence of the claim and requirements for the magnatdiamonds.com online store.

The claim is considered within 10-14 working days from the moment of receipt.

Products with precious stones are accepted for exchange only after an examination at the jewelry factory (from 14 to 21 calendar days).

The online store magnatdiamonds.com and magnatfinejewelry.com can refuse the buyer to exchange the product in the following cases:

1. more than 14 days have passed since the day of sale of jewelry;

2. damaged tag, damaged or removed seal;

3. the jewelry has traces of mechanical damage, chemical exposure, or signs of wear;

4. the decoration is made to order.

You can find contact details for magnatdiamonds.com and magnatfinejewelry.com online store in the basement of the site.